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Conference Programme

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May 25 (Mon), 2020  17:00-18:00

Microplastic survey methodology and its finding

May 26 (Tue), 2020  13:00-14:00

The schedule has been changed

Plastic pollution reduction in rivers in Asia and the Framework of Region-Based Approach

May 26 (Tue), 2020  14:00-16:00

Plastic Leakage Survey and its finding and data visualization platform

Travel Polaroids

May 26 (Tue), 2020  17:00-18:00

Capacity mapping for assessment and monitoring of plastic pollution


May 27 (Wed), 2020  14:00-16:00

Drone and Machine learning (artificial intelligence) to combat plastic pollution in rivers


May 27 (Wed), 2020  16:30-18:00

Strategy and methodology to consider the outreach activity to change the behavior to address plastic pollution issues in India

Special Programme

These sessions are provided only for the invited attendees.

May 28 (Thu), 2020  12:30-13:30

Live Virtual Press Conference 


May 28 (Thu), 2020  14:00-17:00

Countermeasure to reduce plastic pollution in Asian rivers - Challenges and opportunities


Connect Virtually

In light of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the conference program will be fully virtual. Maximizing opportunity of a virtual setting, this conference will host interactive live sessions. CounterMEASURE technical experts will share best practices, walk through technical demos, and be available to answer questions from the audience. The learning materials will be provided throughout the entire conference period to widen the opportunity of learning for every stakeholder from different time zones.

The guidance note to connect virtual conference is available from here.

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While we will not be able to meet in person in a virtual setting, We want to try our best for participants to connect other experts through this conference. Let's use the power of Social Media to expand our experts' network!


Spread what you're learning with your network using our conference hashtag #CounterMEASURE2020 and also UNEP initiative #BeatPlasticPollution to follow and engage with the participants.

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