Microplastic Survey methodology and

its finding

Live Session 2: May 25 17:00-18:00 (GMT+7)


Microplastics are tiny plastic particles up to 5mm in diameter. In the last four decades, concentrations of these particles appear to have increased significantly in the surface waters of the ocean. Concern about the potential impact of microplastics in the marine environment has gathered momentum during the past few years. The number of scientific investigations has increased, along with public interest and pressure on decision- makers to respond and the microplastic leakage from land to the ocean through waterways including rivers are  getting highlighted. The Mekong River is an international river running across multiple countries, with potential plastic leakage from each city in the basin. The CounterMEASURE project conducted the microplastic survey both in the Mekong region and India which may be the first trial for the microplastic survey in these regions.

The session shall highlight the science and technology features of microplastics in waterways in the Mekong region and India. The session shares insights from the experiences of trial especially focusing on the following points;

  • Share the microplastic sampling methodology

  • Identify the mass of floating microplastics in the survey sites

  • Seek for plastic source and leakage pathway

  • Identify the plastic application hotspot

What to Learn

The participants will learn the current status of microplastic dynamics and situation at the point source of and along the Mekong and the Ganges River basins. The flow for the microplastic sampling, analysis and evaluation could be understood and necessary actions for the next step for countermeasures such as policy development and research theme could be identified.


Fujio Kojima

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pirika Inc.

Shukla Pal Maitra

National Productivity Council

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