Strategy and Methodology to Consider the Outreach Activity to Change the Behavior to Address the Plastic Pollution Issues

Live Session 6: May 27 16:30-18:00 (GMT+7)


As a precursor to formulation of data collection in different cities in India, an outreach activity in the form of a perception survey was carried out in order to meet the objectives and goals of the projects. Similarly, such activities are also being carried out in South East Asia. This activity has been carried out to assess the consumer’s behavior across the crosssection of society and assess the awareness, hotspots for leakage of plastics, and what could be the countermeasures to reduce plastic pollution. The live session will highlight the “Strategy and Methodology to Consider the Outreach Activity to Change the Behavior to Address the Plastic Pollution Issues”.

The major objective is to bring together a rich source of experience of the teams from both the India and South East Asia to describe their approach for design of the strategy, approach and methodology adopted, challenges and opportunities identified during the implementation of this activity.

Session programme

The entire session will be conducted as one session with a presentation from all the speakers followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.


Step 1: Identification of target audience mainly academia, implementing agencies like ULBs/ urban agencies, universities, CSO

Step 2: Introduction by session moderator (10 Minutes) about the objectives and outcome expected from the session

Step 3: Speakers (15 Minutes each) with the help of audiovisual material and case study presentation by the coordinator (Total Time: 60 Min)

Step 4:  Panel Discussion & Q & A session (20 Min)



  • Moderator to start the session on the objectives, aims and outcome of the workshop session

  • Presentation by speakers

  • Moderator to summarize the findings of the group work and workshop


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Sumangali Krishnan

Chief Business Officer,

GA Circular


Akriti Uttam

Manager- Capacity Building and Livelihoods, Development Alternatives

Chitra Profile.jpg

Chitra Mukherjee

Head - Advocacy and Policy, Chintan


Anjali Parasnis

Associate Director, TERI


Kavya Arora

Manager- Policy and Planning, Development Alternatives


SP Chandak

Professor Emeritus, IRGSSA

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