Countermeasure to reduce plastic pollution in Asian rivers - Challenges and Opportunities

Virtual Workshop: May 28 14:00-17:00 (GMT+7)


Since May 2019 the countermeasure project has been developing and testing the region-based conceptual framework for assessing and monitoring plastic leakage into rivers and engaging local stakeholders in outreach, partners and experts.


On 28 May 2020, the CounterMEASURE project will gather partners and experts in a workshop exercise to discuss new insights into plastic pollution along the Mekong and the Ganges rivers and also in the coastal city of Mumbai, India, with close to 900 verification sites recorded. The workshop will be led by the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific of Asian Institute of Technology (RRCAP/AIT), Thailand and the National Productivity Council (NPC), India.

This workshop will share the highlights and lessons learned during the project implementation with specific focus on data collection and identifying countermeasures. The workshop will bring together a rich source of experience of the teams from both the Mekong and India to describe their respective approach for the design of their components, identification of countermeasures (policy/communication) and data needs as well as their approach and adopted methodology, identification of data sources, challenges and opportunities.

Target participants

The workshop will involve about 60 practitioners of plastic pollution reduction in Asia and beyond representing from national or local governments, businesses of the Plastic Value chain, NGOs, inter-governmental organizations, researchers/ field staff/ data aggregators.

Session Programme


13:30 -14:00

Access to the Webex Training URLs. (URL will be provided by organizer.)

Please be ready for the discussion topics in the breakout sessions. (The discussion topics will be provided before the workshop.)


14:00 -14:30

Film on the region-based approach


Policy and Communication for Plastic Free Rivers,

Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida, UNEP Asia and the Pacific Office


Creating a foundation – Challenges and opportunities in data collection,

Panate Manomaivibool, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand

Introduction to Breakout sessions

14:30 -14:45

Introduce the two breakout sessions and discussion topics 

Breakout Session on Data collection

14:45 -16:00

Moderator: Surya Chandak (tbc) or Ms. Saloni Goel (tbc)



Vatthanamixay Chansomphou and Souvanna Phengsisomboun (National University of Laos),

Kavinda Gunasekara (Geoinformatic Center, Asian Institute of Technology),

K.D. Bhardwaj (National Productivity Council)

Amit Jain, IRGSSA


Rapporteur: Surya Chandak (tbc) or Saloni Goel (tbc)

  • Introduction to the session objectives and expected outcome and guiding questions

  • Presentation by speakers

  • Group work with a summary on its outcome

Breakout Session on Policy and Communication

14:45 -16:00

Moderator: Guilberto Borongan, RRCAP/AIT



Cheng Wei SWEE, AlphaBeta,

Adam Hodge, UNEP,

So Nam, Mekong River Commission Secretariat,

PCD/MONRE Thailand,


Rapporteur: Tsubasa Enomoto, UNEP

  • Introduction to the session objectives and expected outcome and guiding questions

  • Presentation by speakers

  • Group work with summary on its outcome

Reporting back from Breakout sessions

16:00 -16:30

Presentation of the summary of each Breakout sessions to share the insights among the participants.

Final discussions – Catalysing the Future

16:30 -16:45

Discuss how we address the challenges and take the opportunities to enhance the ecosystem of experts community.

Closing Remark

16:45 -17:00

Wrap up the entire discussion and share the common visions to collaborate towards plastic-free rivers.




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Kakuko-Nagatani Yoshida

Regional Coordinator for Chemicals, Waste and Air quality, UNEP Asia and the Pacific,


Lecturer and Researcher, National University of Laos


Amit Jain

Managing Director, IRGSSA


Nam So

Chief Environment Management Officer, Mekong River Commission Secretariat


Kavinda Gunasekara

Associate Director, Geoinformatics Center, Asian Institute of Technology,


Panate Manomaivibool

Assistant to the President,

Mae Fah Luang University, 


Lecturer and Researcher , National University of Laos


K. D. Bhardwaj

Regional Director – Environment and Energy, National Productivity Council

Adam H.JPG

Adam Hodge

Regional Information Officer, UNEP Asia and the Pacific


Cheng Wei SWEE

Associate, AlphaBeta


Saloni Goel

Consultant Plastic Pollution, UNEP


This session is open for invited attendees only.


Creating a foundation Challenges and opportunities in data collection

Countermeasure to reduce plastic pollution in Asia rivers – Challenges and Opportunities - created by K D Bhardwaj, Regional Director, NPC

Case Study in India

SEA circular : Consumer awareness and business incentives surveys 2020

The workflow of Methodology (Mekong side)

Material for Breakout Session on Data collection

Challenges and Opportunities for Data Collection (Vientiane)